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About Mischka

Mihyun “Mischka” Seo is a powerful and versatile drummer who has performed in many festivals, concerts and clubs in Germany, Canada, Japan, Korea and Malaysia in the styles of pop, rock, funk and jazz. She has studied at Frankfurt University School of Music in Germany with a legendary drummer Jim Chapin and a world-class drummer Claus Hessler and received Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Jazz Drumming and Music Education. Her notable performances include the Korea-Japan Music Festival in Daema Island with a soul, funk band Powerflower in 2001, Korea-Germany Economic Dialogue Conference Performance in Frankfurt, Germany in 2003, Tour with a Canadian Rock Band 'Kasablanca Blvd' in Canada in 2006 and Daegu International Jazz Festival in Korea with American Jazz Vocalist Ashton Moore’s Quartet in 2011.  Mischka has also performed at No Black Tie Jazz Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2012 and she has also played at the main stage of Sumida Jazz Street Festival in Tokyo, Japan in 2013.  In 2014, she has had a successful CD Release Tour in New York and Michigan in the U.S. and Seoul and Busan in South Korea.  Mischka is planning on having more CD Release concerts in various cities in Korea such as Daegu and Changwon.  She has also performed at 2014 Chilpo International Jazz Festival and Daegu International Jazz Festival in Korea and she toured with bassist Vitold Rek, vocalist Sandy Patton and pianist Bob Degen in Germany in October, 2014.




Youtube Channel: Korean Drummer Lady


1. Ocean Waves drum solo clip


2. U.S. Concert Tour Clip


3. Debut CD Promo Clip



















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