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    <2016 Schedule>
      May 6 (Fri) @ 8:30~11 pm
         Old Blue Jazz Club  [Daegu, Korea]
         Jazz pianist Kyungyoon Nam Quartet
         w/Mihyun Seo (Drums), Hyejin (Vocals)
         Inyoung Kim (Bass) 
         May 7 (Sat) @ 3~4 pm 
         Jazz in Daegu Festival 
         Smiling Arts Center [Daegu, Korea]
         Jazz Pianist Kyungyoon Nam Trio 
         w/ Mihyun Seo (Drums), Hogyu Hwang (Bass)
        May 14 (Sat) @ 5~6 pm 
        Taewha River Jazz Festival  [Ulsan, Korea]
        Jazz Pianist Kyungyoon Nam Quartet
        w/Mihyun Seo (Drums), Yunmi Kang (Vocals),
        Daeho Kim (Bass)
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